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Prompt Basics

What is a prompt?
How do prompt marketplaces work?
What does a prompt engineer do?
What are the most common types of AI models used with prompts?
How do you create an effective prompt?

LaPrompt Overview

What is LaPrompt?
What features does LaPrompt offer to users?
What types of prompts can I sell or buy on LaPrompt?
How do I monetize my prompts on LaPrompt?
What support resources does LaPrompt provide to its users?
How often does LaPrompt update its platform and features?

Managing Prompts

How do I create a new prompt on LaPrompt?
What are the guidelines for submitting prompts to LaPrompt?
Can I edit a prompt after it has been submitted?
How do I delete a prompt from my account?
Is there a limit to how many prompts I can create?
How can I categorize my prompts on LaPrompt?

Account and Shop Administration

How do I set up a new shop on LaPrompt?
Can I operate multiple shops with one account?
How do I change my account settings?
What should I do if I forget my account password?
How can I update my shop details?
How can I access analytics for my shops?
Where can I see all my sales?
Is there a way to temporarily deactivate my shop?

Handling Payments

What payment options are available on LaPrompt?
How do I connect Stripe to my account?
Are there any fees associated with selling on LaPrompt?
How secure are payment transactions on LaPrompt?
Is Stripe supported in every country?