Guide to Prompt Submission

Thanks for submitting your prompts on LaPrompt! This guide will help you create prompts that get approved quickly and appeal to our users.

What Makes a Prompt Successful?

By following these tips, your prompts will fit right into what LaPrompt users love, getting approved faster and reaching more people.

    The Key to Approved Prompts
    Prompt Template: Your Go-To Format
    High Use-Case Prompts Are Gold
    Standing Out with Unique Styles

Understanding Decline Reasons

Discovering your prompt has been declined might feel disappointing, but often, a small adjustment can set things right. This section sheds light on common decline reasons and how to address them.

    Why Some Prompts Aren’t Approved?
    Lack of Broad Use-Case
    Too Specific
    Inconsistent Style or Subject
    Low-Quality Outputs
    Failed Test Generations
    Improper Test Prompt Submission
    Too Similar Example Images
    Edits and Collages
    Too Simple or Guessable
    Non-English Prompts
    Duplication of Existing Prompts
    Potentially Unsafe or Harmful Content